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Colour photo showing the re-created corner of the now demolished Duff House east wing showing a bronze plaque and a poppy and forget-me-not wreath

It’s Monday morning, 22nd July 1940 – 79 years ago. The day is just getting going, just after nine o’clock in the morning – another great summer morning. A lone Heinkel bomber disturbs the peace….

Gravestone William Conrad LOHR

The mystery begins, If William Henry Conrad Lohr is not on the War Memorial or on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, then how is he recorded in Doddie Dickson’s book?  

Photograph of Macduff War Memorial

Macduff’s war memorial is a striking 70-foot tower overlooking the town and the coastline beyond. It is inscribed with the names of those men from the Macduff area who fell in the First and Second World Wars.