Ivy Blanchard’s

Picture of Ivy Blanchard's shop on Bridge Street

The Ivy Blanchard shop on Bridge Street was a small grant project which saw a disused retail premises, with its traditional shop front be restored to allow it to return back into use. 

Now Ivy’s Emporium, the shop was formally a haberdashery shop owned by Miss Bottomlee. Ivy Blanchard was an employee who started working in the shop at the age of 16 before the Second World War. The shop specialised in woman’s and children’s haberdashery. Ivy Blanchard took over the shop from Miss Bottomlee and the shop was in use until the late 90s. Some features remain which are evidence of its previous use, such as the original sign from the time of ownership of Ivy Blanchard and inside the original wooden glass fronted cabinets with drawers which were used in the selling of clothes are used to display goods today.