photograph of Banff Silver Teapot

For over two hundred years Banff was known for the high quality work produced by generations of silversmiths. These skilled craftsmen made items ranging from communion cups for churches to cutlery, ewers, watchcases and even buckles.

Macduff harbour

The town of Macduff has grown up around its busy working harbour and thriving shipbuilding industry which continues today.

Black and White photograph of the Site of the old tolbooth

James Macpherson, or ‘James of the hills’, has been described as Banff’s Robin Hood. He and his band of followers roamed the north east, and were said to steal only from those who could afford it and to give much of their loot to the poor.

Black and White photograph of St Andrews Episcopal Church

Aberdeenshire and Banffshire were Jacobite heartlands. The unsuccessful  1715 Rising had begun at Braemar, where the Earl of Mar raised the Jacobite standard in support of James Francis Stuart’s claim to be King James VIII and III.

Old photograph of Thomas Edwards

A blue plaque on the gable end of a house on Deveronside marks the home of Thomas Edward (1814-86), naturalist.