Black and white image of part of the town plan of Macduff showing the streets named in the Story

Many towns around the UK have a Market Street, like Macduff; or a Market Place, like Banff. Old Market Place in Banff, between Tesco and The Spotty Bag shop, was indeed just that – a place where markets were held, although other places have also been used. However, in Macduff, it seems Market Street was not used for that purpose and the name has a different background.

Colour image of gravestone with three dogs names and moulded crowns

A story behind the pet gravestone in Wrack Woods.

There are several Monkey Puzzle trees around Banff and Macduff but two in particular have a place commemorating world events.

49-53 Bridge Street is a Category C Listed Building situated in Bridge Street.

With our apps and TV nowadays we are told all the time what the weather is going to be, but a hundred and seventy years ago there was no weather forecasting.

Black and White sketch of Chalmers Hospital Banff

For over two hundred years Banff was known for the high quality work produced by generations of silversmiths. These skilled craftsmen made items ranging from communion cups for churches to cutlery, ewers, watchcases and even buckles.