Colour image of gravestone with three dogs names and moulded crowns

A story behind the pet gravestone in Wrack Woods.

Grey scale postcard showing boat alongside Rob Laing's Pier, with various Lyall family members

The present Macduff Harbour has not always been the only harbour. The very first detailed map of Macduff – then called “Down” – is dated 1763, and while it shows the beginnings of the present harbour – it also shows a place called “Laing’s Shore”.

With our apps and TV nowadays we are told all the time what the weather is going to be, but a hundred and seventy years ago there was no weather forecasting.

Macduff town cross

The town of Macduff has grown up around its busy working harbour and thriving shipbuilding industry which continues today.

Detail of the Bodie Fountain showing the inscription: Presented to the Burgh of Macduff by Doctor and Mrs Walford Bodie in memory of their daughter Jeannie

Walford Bodie was a famous magician whose popular and sometimes controversial show toured the UK. In 1905 he moved to Macduff and styled himself ‘The Laird of Macduff’. He used his wealth for the benefit of the town.